Why Buy Chaga Chunks?

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Chaga comes in many different forms. The hard conk grows on birch trees and must dry before it is fit to use for consumption. The conk is split into chunks that are dried. Chaga can then be used as chunks, ground into a powder, used as tea, or extracted for a powerful water soluble form of Chaga. So how do you decide what type of Chaga you should use and why buy Chaga chunks?

Easy to Use

Chaga chunks are an especially easy form of Chaga to use. The chunks come in large pieces with the dark exterior of the conk showing, as well as the slightly more porous, orange and brown inside. The chunks can be simmered in a slow cooker on low heat. The longer the chunks simmer, the thicker the brew will be come. You can use this brew as a concentrate. Store it in the fridge in an air tight container.  

Using Chaga Concentrate

When you are ready to use your Chaga concentrate to make a drink, simply add water until it is the consistency and flavor your prefer. It is easy to make it stronger or weaker according to taste. You can warm up the concentrate for a cup of tea, drink it in a cold drink, similar to an iced coffee, or blend it into a smoothy. Chaga concentrate offers a variety of ready to use options and you don’t have to spend time brewing tea.

Modifying Your Chaga Drink

If you don’t prefer the texture of Chaga tea you can use milk or almond milk to thicken the drink. Honey, stevia, or agave can add a bit of sweetness and take off the slightly bitter edge of the drink. For those who enjoy spicy drinks, such as chai tea, similar spices can be added to Chaga for comparable results. Some enjoy the vanilla taste of Chaga and this flavor can be boosted by adding vanilla extract or simmering with a vanilla bean. 

Reusing Chaga Chunks

There is another upside to Chaga chunks. They are easy to reuse. Chaga chunks are not finished after a single simmer. They are good for another one or two uses. Place the used Chaga chunks under a layer of water in an air tight container. Store the container in the refrigerator. After you use all of the first batch of concentrate, take the chunks out and use them to simmer another batch. The chunks can be reused as long as you can continue to achieve the consistency of Chaga tea concentrate you enjoy. When a simmer results in a thin, light brown concentrate, the chunks are no longer usable. 

Try It Out

Chaga tea is so beneficial for your health and you should use whatever form you prefer to include in your daily routine. You may even choose to incorporate more than one kind of Chaga into your routine. Consider trying Chaga chunks, for an abundant amount of quick and convenient Chaga.  


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