What Is Chaga Extract?

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Chaga mushrooms grow in the form of a hard conk on birch trees, in cold northern forests throughout the world. This hard, burnt looking conk holds numerous health benefits inside its tough exterior. So how can people access these health benefits? Chaga extract is one way to glean the healthy components of Chaga for your body. 

How To Glean All of the Health Benefits

You can prepare Chaga in a variety of ways, and there are some disputes about the best ways. Some methods of preparation include simmering chunks to make a concentrate, or steeping powder to make a tea. The challenging aspect of Chaga is that its healthy components; antioxidants, betulinic acid, melanin, and more, are locked up in thick cell walls called chitin. These cell walls must be broken down, without damaging the healthy components, in order to make them bioavailable. Bioavailable refers to body’s ability to absorb the component. Some argue that simmering below the boiling point is the best way to access these health components, while others claim the Chaga must be boiled to reap the full benefits of betulinic acid. Still, others claim that Chaga tincture or and extract is the purest way to get to all of the healthy components.

While there are few studies regarding the most beneficial way to consume Chaga, many people agree that consuming any type of Chaga is helpful. Trying it in a variety of ways, or just preparing it the way you enjoy the most, is the best way to add it to your health regimen. Many people who consume Chaga in any form attest to the healthy benefits. 

How to Use Chaga Extract

Chaga extract is a powder that you do not need to steep and discard, instead it dissolves directly into your drink. Dissolve a half teaspoon of the extract in warm water (not boiling) for a relaxing cup of tea. If you prefer cold drinks, or want to mask the flavor of the Chaga, you can mix it into a juice or smoothie. Chaga extract is one of the easiest forms of Chaga to use because you do not have to prepare it by steeping or simmering. Simply drop the powder into your drink and stir. Increase your dosage slowly to as much as two teaspoons, should you desire a more powerful result. 

Making Chaga Extract

The Chaga extract prepared by Chaga Natural is produced with a hot water, low pressure method. This method retains the integrity of the nutrients. The water method provides a potent 16% extraction rate. With the extract, polyphenols and beta-glucans, healthy components that are non-water soluble, become bioavailable. Some tinctures and extracts are made with alcohol, but Chaga Natural’s extract is made exclusively with water. 

Easy to Include in Your Routine

Any method for consuming Chaga can be beneficial for your health. From use in ancient folk medicine to modern day use, Chaga has been consumed in a variety of ways with positive results. For an easy way to make Chaga part of your regular routine, and to include many of the non-water soluble components in your diet, try using Chaga extract.


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