Chaga Ground Chunks

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  • Revitalize your health and your life with energy-boosting, antioxidant-rich raw chaga mushroom powder. Get all the benefits of raw unprocessed chaga, delivered straight to your door.
Shilajit adaptogenic properties help your body adapt to environmental stress.

Brewing Raw Chaga Chunks at Home

Chaga is a medicinal mushroom that grows on birch trees in the cold climates of the Northern hemisphere and Siberia. But, you don’t need to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to find chaga in the woods – Chaga Natural is happy to ship raw Chaga chunks directly to you, so you can enjoy the woodsy taste and health benefits of Chaga tea in the comforts of your home. Chaga Natural offers fresh and high quality, all-natural, wild-grown, non-farmed, hand-picked Siberian Chaga raw chunks. Brewing raw Siberian Chaga is a great way to start your day and protect your body from stress, aging, and pollution.

For centuries, Chaga mushroom has been a vital health and well-being remedy for people living in Siberia and other cold climates. Now you can enjoy the same amazing benefits of Chaga present in raw Chaga chunks that can be ground into powder or steeped in hot water to brew Chaga tea whenever you need them. Using raw chunks is a great way to use Chaga mushroom in its purest form, enjoying it the same way as the people in Siberia did for hundreds of years.

Whether you are looking for a trial package or a month’s supply, we’vegot you covered! Our raw Chaga chunks are available in several different options: 4oz, 8oz and 2.2lb packages.

Brewing Raw Chaga Chunks at Home
Chaga Tea Health Benefits

Chaga Tea Health Benefits

Our stomachs are not equipped to digest raw Chaga, so the only way to enjoy its health benefits is to brew it.

Brewing raw Chaga chunks is an excellent way to support the immune system. Our Chaga natural raw chunks are caffeine free, rich with nutrients and packed with polysaccharides and polyphenols. With no powdery mess and no tea bags or strainers required, Chaga Natural raw chunks are easy to use anytime, anywhere. And, they are economical, too – you can brew the same Chaga chunks multiple times to extract all health benefits from this highly prized medicinal mushroom.

Only two parts of the Chaga mushroom contain highly active ingredients. The inner fruiting body of the Chaga mushroom contains a diverse set of nutrients, and the outer black crust provides special benefits as well. We do not use the third, inner, layer of Chaga mushroom, which is the layer directly adjacent to the birch tree trunk.

Chaga tea supports good digestion and improves the body’s ability to detoxify; it also strengthens the immune system to help you cope with stress better, and is a powerful antioxidant. You may experience a boost of energy and anincrease in stamina after drinking fresh Chaga tea, so you can keep going just a little bit longer. Because of the melanin in Chaga, brewing raw chunks can also improve the appearance of your hair and skin.

Major Benefits of Chaga chunks

Supports the immune system

Supports the immune system*
Supports detoxification of the body

Supports detoxification of the body*
Enhances the quality of skin and hair

Enhances the quality of skin and hair*
Energy level and stamina

energy boost*
Natural antioxidant with high ORAC level

Boosts energy and sharpens mental clarity*
Detoxifies the body and supports healthy digestion

Detoxifies the body and supports healthy digestion*


Chaga Natural makes chaga tea preparation easy so you can enjoy Chaga tea at any time of day or evening. Simply grind the chunks into Chaga raw powder or steep them in hot water (just below 122 degrees Fahrenheit), to infuse. Steeping the chunks requires no tea bags or strainers. The ratio of the Chaga chunks to water should be 1:5, so, in other words you need 5 times more water than chunks in order to properly brew a potent tea.

Steep for up to 15 minutes to enjoy a cup of Chaga with robust flavor and full nutritional value. You can also steep Chaga chunks for up to an hour for a maximum nutritional boost. We recommend refrigerating tea for a refreshing treat that stays fresh for up to 24 hours.


17 reviews for Chaga Ground Chunks


  1. Lyndsey Jones

    When I ordered this chaga I was particularly looking for black outer crust on most of the chunks. And I am very much satisfied. Not only every piece had a good amount of black crust but each piece was close to the same size. The flavor is earthy and the plus point is that the pieces can be used again. Thanks for this pure chaga!

  2. Ida Green

    I took this Chaga Tea for the last 2 weeks and it improved my digestion very well. I feel it is helping with my constipation , bloating gas problems. I would buy this product again.

  3. Michael Casella

    I bought these mushrooms to boost my immunity. When I brew chunks and drink the tea, I feel it reduces the acidity of it and the taste is nice as well. I will buy more. Thanks!

  4. James Clift

    Chaga chunks are an excellent addition to one’s health regimen. They are well-sourced and have a pleasing taste, making them an easy choice for those looking for natural wellness. Must try!