Learn How to Prepare Chaga Tea

Chaga tea is found in nature as large, hard, charred looking conks protruding from birch trees. While this may not sound very appetizing, Chaga has innumerable healthy benefits for your body. So how do you get it from that charred chunk into your system? Tea! Most people prepare a Chaga tea to enjoy all of the healthy benefits from this odd looking, but valuable mushroom.

Preparing Tea with Chaga Powder

A few methods can be used to prepare Chaga tea. The most straightforward way is to use Chaga powder. Chaga is cut into chunks, the chunks are dried and then ground into a powder. The powder can be placed in a tea ball, or any other method you choose for steeping. Pour hot water over the tea ball and let it steep to the strength you enjoy most. The powder can be steeped more than once, so save it in your tea ball to use until the water no longer turns a rich brown when you steep the tea.

Preparing Tea with Chaga Chunks

You can also get Chaga in chunks. This is the stage before the powder. Chunks work similarly to the powder, but they are ideal for brewing larger batches of concentrated Chaga tea. Use a slow cooker to simmer the Chaga chunks in water. The longer you simmer the chunks, the richer the tea will be. Remove the chunks and store the concentrate in your fridge. Add water and heat it up for a cup of tea. Pour some in a smoothy, or use the concentrate to make a creamy latte. There are all kinds of uses for Chaga tea concentrate and it is very convenient to use and easy to make.

Using Chaga Extract

Chaga also comes as an extract. This powerful form of Chaga is like a fine powder. Dissolve the powder directly in hot water and enjoy as tea instantly.

The Taste of Chaga

Chaga has a very unimposing taste. It has a slightly earthy flavor with a hint of vanilla. Some people find Chaga tea a bit bitter. Coffee drinkers are likely to enjoy Chaga tea as an alternative to their highly caffeinated habit. If you don’t enjoy the taste of Chaga tea on its own, you can make a few easy additions. Almond milk and honey are an excellent complement to Chaga. The milk adds a creamy, thicker texture, while the honey brings out the vanilla flavors. If you don’t care for hot drinks, smoothies are a great way to enjoy the benefits of Chaga. Because of its versatile flavor, Chaga can be added unnoticed to almost any variety of smoothie.

Build Chaga Tea Into Your Routine

Chaga tea is not difficult to make. Even the unexperienced tea maker can quickly and easily learn how to make Chaga. It is simple and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. You can enjoy the health benefits of Chaga, while savoring a warm, comforting cup of tea. Bring this potent mushroom from northern birch forests into your cup!


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