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Immune System

Chaga Mushroom Boosts the Immune System

For centuries, herbalists in Russia and Europe prized the chaga mushroom because of the way it helped people feel healthier. While they were unaware of the chemical properties that made chaga beneficial to the immune system, these early healers knew the mushrooms contained potent health-supporting compounds. Through research, modern health experts from around the world are now discovering other health and wellness benefits of this unassuming fungus. They now know that chaga mushroom can provide the human immune system with a powerful boost.



About the Immune System

The immune system is a well-organized group of organs, tissues and cells that work together to defend the body against germs, parasites and other infectious agents that cause illness and disease. Infectious agents, known as pathogens, can enter the body through the nose, mouth, eyes, digestive tract and a variety of other ways.

A healthy immune system detects the pathogen and launches an immediate attack to keep the infection from spreading. The immune system includes organs, such as lymph glands, along with many different types of blood cells, proteins, and other substances. White blood cells (WBCs) ward off infections from bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Macrophages, a very large type of WBCs, gobble up foreign particles and infectious pathogens. Killer cells are an appropriately named type of WBC, as they target and kill infected or unhealthy cells. Each of these components of the immune system works alone or in concert to protect the body from foreign invaders.

A strong immune system wards off countless ferocious pathogens each day, eliminating infectious agents before they can cause symptoms or disease. A weakened immune system, however, does a poor job of preventing illness. The sluggish immune system is slow to recognize the presence of pathogens and does not launch an attack promptly. Weakness may prevent the immune system from defending the body from especially powerful pathogens or widespread infection. Symptoms develop as the body tries to fight off the invading pathogens.



The Immune-Boosting Power of the Chaga Mushroom*

Chaga tea and chaga extract contain several compounds that support healthy immune function in a variety of ways. Products made from this unique mushroom have high ORAC level which means it is a good antioxidant. This helps neutralizing the free radicals that can damage the structure of cells. Structural damage can leave cells weak and vulnerable to infections.

Chaga contains natural components which help to boost the immune system. These natural compounds in chaga help our immune system in fighting against the bacteria and viruses that make their way into the body.

The components inside chaga mushrooms can support the immune system in its work to eliminate harmful pathogens before they affect our health. Chaga tea and chaga extract contains traces of betulinic acid acquired from birch tree bark. An even small amount of betulinic acid helps production of the white blood cells. Betulinic acid can also have immunomodulatory effects.


This means consuming chaga can keep the immune system from overreacting. Modulating, or controlling, the immune system is essential for wellbeing in that an overly aggressive immune system can start attacking healthy human cells instead of harmful pathogens.

Chaga also contains ample amounts of beta-glucans, which are a type of naturally occurring polysaccharides that help to balance the body’s immune response. Beta-glucans boost the immune system by activating the complement system, which are the part of the immune system that assists the WBCs and other major components of immunity. These polysaccharides also enhance macrophage and natural killer cell function.

Eating a proper diet, exercising regularly, getting plenty of sleep and reducing stress can keep an immune system healthy. Using supplements, herbs, vitamins and minerals, and immune-boosting foods support a healthy immune system. Consuming products made from chaga mushrooms can boost the immune system to whole new levels of protection.

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