How Dark Should Chaga Tea Be?

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Chaga is often on prepared and ingested as a drink. This drink is usually referred to as Chaga tea. It is one of the most enjoyable ways to consume the healthy benefits of Chaga mushrooms. It can become a daily ritual to enjoy this earthy, warm drink. When you begin preparing this drink you may have questions, such as how dark should Chaga tea be?

Preparing Chaga Tea

Chaga is available as a powder, tea, extract or chunks. The drink can be made from any of these Chaga products and different methods will have varying results. You may want to experiment with a variety of preparations to find the tea you enjoy most. Alan Muskat of No Taste Like Home points out that there are a variety of viewpoints on the best methods for gathering all of the health benefits from Chaga. Some practitioners claim that the Chaga must be boiled to release some of the properties that have healthy benefits. Other practitioners state that the Chaga should not be boiled so that other “healing components” are not broken down in the process. In order to eliminate confusion, Chaga Natural offers an extract that mixes directly into warm water, smoothies or shakes. This extract makes all of the healthy compounds in Chaga bioavailable.

Preparing Chaga Tea Concentrate

Simmer Chaga chunks in water to make a concentrate to save and use hot or cold. The longer the chunks simmer, the stronger the concentrate will be. You can add water to the concentrate to make a lighter tea or add small bits of the concentrate to smoothies or other recipes. The concentrate will be a very rich, dark brown, almost black. It may look very similar to coffee. Alternatively, brew the tea with Chaga powder for a light, rich, orange/brown color.

Enhancing Chaga Tea

Some people really enjoy the flavor of Chaga on its own, but it can have a slightly bitter, earthy taste. Similar to coffee, many consider Chaga an acquired taste. In order to take the edge off of the bitter taste, you can enhance Chaga tea with other flavors. You may enjoy a bit of honey and a splash of almond milk in your tea. If you like Chai style drinks, you can add cinnamon, cardamum, cloves or your favorite spices, and some frothed milk. You can even mix up a cold, blended drink with Chaga concentrate, spices, ice, vanilla and almond milk.

How Dark Should Chaga Tea Be?

The color of Chaga tea is really a matter of taste. Some people will prefer it darker, while others may like it light. In order to get the most out of your Chaga chunks, brew them multiple times. If your tea becomes too light and watery, your Chaga chunks are spent.

Healthy Benefits of Chaga Tea

No matter how you drink Chaga, you will be getting the healthy benefits of this unique mushroom. Drink Chaga tea as an alternate to coffee. Many Chaga users claim it boosts energy without the jittery effects of caffeine. Chaga tea is also a great drink for cold and flu season as it can give your immune system a boost, while resisting inflammation. The benefits of Chaga are endless and it is so simple to brew a tea that will keep you feeling healthy and well.


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