How To Find Chaga For Sale

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Chaga grows in limited regions throughout the world. Because it only grows on birch trees, its range is restricted to northern boreal forests. This includes northern regions of the United States, parts of Canada, Scandinavia, and regions in Siberia. While many people prefer to forage their own Chaga, many more people do not live within its restricted range. To enjoy the health benefits of Chaga as part of their daily routine, they must purchase it. Other people may not feel confident about accurately identifying Chaga. It is very similar in appearance to burls and other tree fungi. If you do not know how correctly identify birch trees, you will not know how to identify Chaga. Purchasing Chaga removes any risk factor from using this special mushroom. So, how do you find Chaga for sale, and what should you look for in your Chaga?

Types of Chaga

Chaga can be purchased as chunks, powder, extract, or even as tea. It is often available in natural foods stores, and even more readily available on the internet. If you want to make Chaga concentrate that is easy to use as teas, in smoothies or other recipes, you should purchase chunks. Powder or teas are ideal for brewing single cups of tea at a time. If you like a ritual cup of Chaga tea, powder might be the right choice for you.

Sustainable Harvest

When you are choosing your Chaga, there are few things you should keep in mind. First, the Chaga should be harvested sustainably. Chaga that is harvested without damaging the tree will allow the Chaga to grow again. Chaga has the potential to regrow several times throughout its life cycle. In addition, damaging the tree during harvest may also cause it to die prematurely. Over-harvesting can diminish both the population of Chaga and birch trees. With the increasing knowledge of Chaga’s benefits and its growing popularity, it is imperative that Chaga is not carelessly harvested.

Harvesting From Remote Locations

It is also important to know where your Chaga comes from. As Chaga grows, it concentrates compounds found in the birch tree. This is why it offers so many health benefits. However, if the birch trees are exposed to toxins such as air or water pollution, the Chaga can also concentrate these toxins within its tissues. In order for Chaga to be free from harmful toxins, it needs to be harvested away from cities where birch trees are not exposed to the many toxins that can pollute the air, ground and water.

Chaga Natural

At Chaga Natural, we only sell Chaga that has been harvested in Siberia, at least one hundred miles from any densely populated area. These wild birch forests in remote areas offer Chaga that hasn’t been tainted by pollutants. It is also carefully harvested so that neither the tree, nor the fungus are damaged, allowing both to continue their natural life cycle.

Look for the Best

Chaga tea is a helpful drink to add to your healthy diet. Enjoy energy and wellness with this delicious tea. When you are buying Chaga, be sure to look for the best. Keep your eye out for sustainably harvested Chaga from rural areas for the best.


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