What does chaga contain?

Chaga packs many powerful and unique phytochemicals, which are potent substances found only in plants and mushrooms. Chaga contains several phytochemicals not found in other plants, and is a rich source of other healthful compounds, such as polysaccharides, beta glucans, triterpenes and melanin.
Phytochemicals, also known as phytonutrients, can work as antioxidants, enhance immune response and promote cell-to-cell communication. Polysaccharides boost the immune system, triterpenes aide digestion, while melanin acts as an antioxidant and can even improve the appearance of hair and skin. Beta glucans is a type of soluble fiber, which has well established health benefits.

Is Chaga Mushroom Safe?

Yes, you can safely enjoy chaga tea or chaga extract several times a day. People have used chaga safely for generations. This natural product is free from side effects, although we do not recommend that children or pregnant or nursing women use chaga. However if you have allergy for mushrooms we do not recommend take any of chaga mushroom products.

What is difference between raw chaga and chaga extract?

Chaga powder and chaga raw chunks are dried ground chaga mushrooms. Chaga extract, on the other hand, is a concentrated extract of the biologically active substances which are made from raw chaga.

How is Chaga Natural chaga extract made?

Highly trained technicians use a low-temperature water extraction method to make our Chaga Natural chaga extract. This method pulls the beneficial water-soluble compounds into the chaga extract gently, without damaging the delicate, healthful ingredients.

What is most potent form: chaga extract, raw chaga or chaga tea?

You must brew raw chaga powder or chaga chunks to release the beneficial ingredients into a digestible form.
While chaga mushroom contains more of the biologically active compounds, antioxidants and healthful ingredients than many other foods and supplements available in the United States, a cup of delicious chaga tea made from raw chaga contains only moderate amounts of these substances. You would have to drink several cups of chaga tea made from raw chaga each day to gain health-supporting benefits.
Chaga extract is the most potent form of chaga products. Because this dietary supplement is a highly concentrated powder, rich in biologically active compounds and antioxidants, it contains more of the ingredients associated with good health.

Does chaga contain caffeine or other unwanted chemicals?

Chaga tea does not contain caffeine, gluten or other unwanted chemicals. Chaga is also vegan-friendly.

Can you eat raw chaga?

A person could technically eat properly dried and cleaned chaga but, like most other mushrooms, chaga is indigestible in its raw form. The cell walls of mushrooms contain chitin, a tough substance that makes mushrooms sturdy. The human body, however, cannot break down chitin to unleash the rich nutrients found within mushroom cells – the beneficial nutrients simply pass through the body without leaving a trace.
Only a special enzyme, known as chitinase, can break down chitin. The only problem is that the human body does not have any chitinase.
Special extraction processes breaks down chitin in cell walls to release the nutrients within chaga mushrooms. There are several methods, but the most notable processes use hot water to partially extract and free the biologically active substances within chaga. These methods create well-infused, water soluble, easily digestible chaga extract that is 100% absorbed and requires no infusion to unlock its potential.

Can chaga be artificially grown?

Yes but artificially grown chaga, often grown in China, does not provide the health benefits found in natural chaga.

Can I use chaga with vitamins?

Yes, you can use chaga with vitamins as a great way to improve your health.