When to Drink Chaga Tea?

Chaga mushrooms have powerful health benefits. The best way to consume Chaga is in a drink called Chaga tea. You may be wondering the best times to drink Chaga to maximize health benefits. Here is everything you need to know about when to drink Chaga tea:

Getting Started

First, you need to know that you cannot overdose on Chaga, but it is important to start off in moderation to see how your body responds to the potent effects of Chaga. Before you start drinking Chaga tea, you may want to talk to your healthcare provider if you struggle with blood sugar issues, such as diabetes, or take blood thinners. Chaga has may have an impact blood sugar and blood pressure.

When to Drink Chaga Tea

Start with one to two cups of tea a day. You can steep the tea to your personal preference of darkness.  Although there is no caffeine in Chaga, many Chaga users report a boost in energy after drinking Chaga tea. This boost is ideal in the morning and in the early afternoon. Chaga tea is often used as an alternative to coffee. Because of this energy boost, you may want to avoid drinking Chaga in the evening. It could keep you awake at night. Once you have been drinking Chaga for awhile and know how your body responds, you can determine the best times of day to sip the tea.

Cold and Flu Season

Fall Scene

Enjoy fall without dreading the cold and flu season.

Chaga is also thought to be an adaptogen. An adaptogen can regulate the immune system; boosting proper function, while fighting inflammation. This makes it an ideal drink for the cold and flu season. You may want to increase the amount you drink during the fall and winter to help stave off nasty viruses. In addition to keeping you healthy, an article from Mother Earth News points out that Chaga tea could improve mood and help fight off melancholy feelings. The dark seasons of fall and winter can often trigger seasonal depression. You may want to drink Chaga tea to help improve your mood throughout these darker days. The cool temperatures and the onset of fall, also make this warm, cozy, earthy drink even more desirable.

Cold Chaga for Summer

In addition to drinking Chaga hot, you can also brew it and store it in the refrigerator. In the warm months, you may prefer to enjoy it as a cold drink. You can drink it plain or blend it with a smoothy or almond milk and honey. Maintain a healthy balance by consuming Chaga all year and enjoy cool, refreshing Chaga drinks in the spring and summer.

The Perfect Time for You

You are a unique individual and everyone’s body responds differently to this healthy drink. It may take some trial to find the right amount of Chaga tea at the perfect time of day for you. Once you start drinking Chaga tea, you will begin to feel the healthy benefits of this powerful and delicious natural drink.


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Photo: “Chaga Mushroom for Tea” by Will Power

Photo: “Fall Scene” by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources