Chaga Natural

Chaga Natural takes great pride in our ability to offer all natural and wild-harvested Chaga mushroom. Now you can take advantage of the health-giving benefits of the same unique mushroom that helped Siberians stay healthy during the long Russian winters hundreds of years ago.

Our chaga products provide optimal support for health, nourishment for your skin, and replenishment and detoxification for your body – all in the most natural way possible. We believe that chaga is a healthful treasure in its purest and cleanest form.

Every member of the Chaga Natural team plays several important roles in bringing raw chaga, chaga tea and chaga extracts to you. As direct importers, we travel thousands of miles across the globe, in search of the finest chaga mushrooms in the world. We are also explorers, venturing into uncharted territory to discover untouched, potent wild-harvested chaga mushrooms. Finally, we are also scientists who know how to turn a chaga mushroom into a powerful, effective and safe chaga tea and chaga extract.

Most importantly, we are chaga tea lovers. When we are not busy searching for chaga or making great products from chaga mushrooms, we love to drink chaga tea, talk about chaga and answer any questions you may have about this powerhouse mushroom.

How We Get Chaga Mushroom

We acquire the chaga for our products from a respected community of highly professional and well-trained harvesters who harvest chaga in the woods at least 100 miles away from any city. These highly trained pickers go deep into remote forests to pluck chaga mushrooms from living birch trees in a way that allows the tree and the mushroom to continue growing, even after harvest.

Our Dedication to Quality

Each year, we travel to meet with our manufacturer to review our chaga mushroom production. This gives us an opportunity to make sure that Chaga Natural products are of the highest quality and efficacy possible. While we recognize that this is a more expensive way of doing business, we do it because every person at Chaga Natural wants you to be satisfied with the healthful benefits of chaga mushrooms.