Chaga: Where to Buy?

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Chaga is a gift for health and wellness that nature offers. Because of its natural origins, it can be hard to come by. So where do you buy Chaga?

Finding Chaga Naturally

Chaga grows on birch trees in the northern reaches of the globe. It is most common in Russian and northern Europe, but it also grows in northern parts of North America. This unique fungus takes as long as twenty years to develop on trees. Due to its slow growth and limited range, it can be very challenging for most people to find and harvest their own Chaga supply. An article from Fungi Magazine points out that it is difficult for a novice to accurately identify Chaga. The easy alternative to hunting for your own Chaga is to buy it.

Why Buy Chaga?

When you buy Chaga you know that it has been properly harvested, dried and packaged for optimal use. Buying Chaga in the form you prefer to use also eliminates added work in preparing Chaga, including drying and grinding. However, if you would rather have Chaga in chunks to use in a variety of ways, you can also buy it in large chunks. Purchased Chaga can last up to a year and the date on the packaging can help you keep track of how long you should keep and use the Chaga.

What to Look for When Buying Chaga

Not all Chaga is the same. When you buy Chaga you want to look for Chaga that is harvested sustainably. When harvested correctly, both the fungus and the tree can continue to grow. The Chaga should be harvested from wild birch trees. It is the birch trees that give Chaga its potent health benefits, such as betulinic acid and an enormous amount of antioxidants. Chaga that is not grown naturally or harvested from other trees may not be Chaga at all. It is ideal for Chaga to be harvested in remote locations. Trees near metropolitan areas may take in toxins and pollutants which could then be concentrated in the Chaga. Purchased Chaga should also not have any additives. It does not require any preservatives, flavors or chemicals. Be wary of Chaga that has any additional ingredients.

Chaga: Where to Buy

You can buy your Chaga online from Chaga Natural. We provide Chaga in a variety of forms and sizes so that you choose the amount and type that suites you best. Our Chaga tea can be brewed quickly and easily with out any fuss. Chaga powder can be used as tea or to add to recipes and smoothes. Chunks can be brewed to make tea or concentrate. Our strongest Chaga product, extract, is designed to make all of the beneficial properties of Chaga bioavailable.

In addition to an array of useful Chaga products, we offer free shipping for orders over $99.00.  Instead of searching through natural food stores and supplement dealers, you can quickly and easily place an order with Chaga Natural and have your favorite Chaga products delivered to your door.



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