Chaga Tea Dosage and Recipe

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Chaga Tea Dosage and Recipe

For those entering the exciting world of chaga, it can be difficult to find information on the proper tea dosage and recipes for making homemade chaga tea. Fortunately, making and consuming the tea is easier than you may think. There are plenty of ways to make chaga tea more appealing and depending on your desired results, adding other herbal flavors to your brew can actually increase the effectiveness of the tea.*

Chaga Tea Dosage

There is no single dosage recommended when it comes to chaga tea. In general, for the most health benefits, at least 1 cup of tea should be drank daily. If side effects are experienced, tea drinking can be reduced or discontinued until the discomfort subsides. Making tea stronger or weaker can also help achieve various health benefits.*

When preparing a cup of chaga tea, no more than 1 tsp of ground, dried chaga is needed. Smaller quantities can be used for weaker teas and larger quantities can be used to make larger volumes of tea. The mushrooms can be added directly to the hot water to steep, or they can be placed in a tea ball or tea bag. Many commercial preparations make use of disposable tea bags.

Chaga Tea Recipes

For general use:
Traditional, general use chaga tea is easy to make. Just steep a tsp of ground and dried chaga in hot water for several minutes before straining and drinking. The resulting tea will have a mild flavor and earthy undertones. Traditional chaga tea is good for strengthening the immune system, promoting relaxation and more.*

For relaxation:
Adding chamomile to your chaga preparation will result in a brew that is good for relaxation. Chamomile is used as a natural sedative and is also used to help with insomnia and anxiety.*

For focus:
If you’re getting ready for a test or a long day at work, mixing chaga with peppermint is the way to go. Peppermint is used for focus and alertness. It also has other health supporting properties and can be used in conjunction with chaga to promote faster recovery after excersise.*

For digestive health:
Combining chaga with ginger can be a potent combination for digestive health. Ginger combats nausea while chaga promotes gut health. When used together, the two can restore the digestive tract to perfect working order.*

For liver health:
Combine chaga with dandelion to help purify the blood, increase bile production and promote greater liver health. Because the two have similar effects on the liver, only a small amount of dandelion should be used.*

For improving health during cold and flu season :
For support recuperation from the symptoms of the common cold and flue, mix chaga with rose hips. Chaga is known to improve the immune system while rose hips help to reduce the length and strength of the cold and flu. Combined, the two deliver fast relief to those suffering.*

Experiment with different herbal combinations to get the most out of your chaga tea. Adding other herbs can improve the flavor of the chaga while changing the way the tea works on the body. If you’re not feeling adventurous, pre-mixed chaga blends are available to combat specific ailments.*

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