How To Make Chaga Tea

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Ho To Make Chaga Tea

Chaga tea is made by steeping a special type of mushroom in water for an extended period of time, much like you would do with tea leaves or a tea bag. However, the mushroom is a little more special than the garden variety you’ll find at the grocery store. Chaga mushrooms are packed with antioxidants, nutrients and essential vitamins. They grow in remote birch forests and the quality of chaga mushrooms can vary greatly, depending on where they were harvested.*

Mushroom Preparation

Even if you’re lucky enough to live near a birch forest, finding a chaga mushroom can be difficult. They look like small outcroppings of burned bark and require a little bit of skill to find, let alone to harvest. Once removed form the tree, the mushrooms have to be carefully cleaned before they are prepared. Chaga mushrooms cannot be commercially farmed.

Chaga tea cannot be made from fresh mushrooms. The mushrooms must first be dried and ground or sliced thin and dried. Either method requires access to a high-quality dryer. Drying chaga mushrooms can take several days as mushrooms have a high water content. The time of year that the mushroom is harvested and the location that it is taken from will have an impact on drying time. Once dry, the mushrooms must be stored in an air tight container. Vacuum sealing is recommended, particularly for extended storage periods.

Commercially prepared and dried mushrooms are available for purchase. Many come in resealable containers and have instructions for long-term storage if they will not be consumed right away.

Tea Preparation

Making chaga tea is surprisingly easy once you have the dried mushrooms. Simply place a portion in a cup of hot water and let it steep for several minutes. The mushrooms can be strained out of the water, or a tea ball can be used to eliminate the straining step. Some commercial preparations include mesh tea bags with pre-portioned quantities of dried chaga flakes.

To improve the flavor of the tea, some people like to add other herbal tea flavors, vanilla or even lemon. Pre-blended chaga teas are also available.

Making and drinking chaga tea is incredibly easy. Chaga tea is one of the most popular ways to consume the mushrooms and is arguably the most beneficial as the act of drinking tea provides additional calming and relaxation to the user. If you’re interested in trying chaga tea, consider a commercial preparation before trying to dry fresh mushrooms to create your own blend.*

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