Chaga: How to Use

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Chaga mushrooms grow on birch trees in cold climates throughout the globe. These unique mushrooms resemble a hard conk with a charred black outside and a hard spongier, orange inside. They are different from the conventional mushrooms that are often used in cooked dishes or eaten raw. Chaga mushrooms cannot be cooked into food in the traditional sense, but there are many ways to use this beneficial superfood. The following is everything you need to know about Chaga how to use it.

Chaga How to Use

The Chaga conk found on birch trees is extremely hard and must be removed from the tree very carefully. Usually, it requires a hatchet or other sharp tool to do this. Once the conk is removed it can be broken into chunks. The chunks can be dried and then ground into a powder. Alternatively, the chunks can be used as is. The primary way to consume Chaga is as a tea. The tea can be brewed with the chunks in large batches or with powder as single cups of tea.

The longer you brew the Chaga, the stronger it will become. Chaga chunks that are brewed for a long time on an even heat will result in a thick concentrate. You can use the concentrate to warm up a hot cup of tea, create blended drinks and smoothies, or make hot blended drinks such as chai. Because you can make large batches, the concentrate is convenient to have on hand and will keep in the refrigerator for a number of days. Try one of these tasty recipes from ChagaHQ.

The powder and tea is convenient for brewing single cups of tea. The powder or extract can also be added directly to smoothies or juices.

Energy Boost

Chaga is often associated with a boost in energy, so you may want to be careful about what times of day you drink it. You may want to try it in the morning as a coffee replacement, or in the early afternoon as an energy booster.

Enhancing Your Chaga Tea

Chaga also has a slightly earthy flavor with a hint of vanilla. Some people enjoy the taste of Chaga as is, while others think of it as a more acquired taste. If you don’t enjoy Chaga plain, try adding some almond milk and honey for a slightly thicker, sweeter drink. You can also mix in spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg or cardamom for a richer flavor.

Your Daily Chaga Use

Chaga can impact your body in a variety of positive ways. You can start by drinking one or two cups of Chaga every day. Note how your body reacts and adjust your daily routine accordingly. Chaga Natural suggests that you use Chaga daily for 28 days and then take 5-7 days off to allow your immune system to reset.

Chaga provides a powerful combination of antioxidants, betulinic acid, melanin and more. These components can have a positive impact on your health. Start including Chaga in your daily wellness routines and see how Chaga impacts your life.


Photo: “Chaga Tea” by Will Power

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