Why Buy Chaga Chunks?

Chaga comes in many different forms. The hard conk grows on birch trees and must dry before it is fit to use for consumption. The conk is split into chunks that are dried. Chaga can then be used as chunks, ground into a powder, used as tea, or extracted for a powerful water soluble form

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What Is Chaga Extract?

Chaga mushrooms grow in the form of a hard conk on birch trees, in cold northern forests throughout the world. This hard, burnt looking conk holds numerous health benefits inside its tough exterior. So how can people access these health benefits? Chaga extract is one way to glean the healthy components of Chaga for your

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Real Chaga Mushroom Tea can Boost your General Health

A cup of tea at night or in the morning can be a relaxing ritual. The warm drink brings comfort to the body and soul. The act of brewing tea can bring calm and stress relief. What if your tea could do more than bring comfort? What if it could boost your general health? Real

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The Reasons why Siberian Chaga is Superior

Chaga mushrooms are a unique and mysterious superfood. They grow exclusively on birch trees in any northern climate that supports birch forests. The mushrooms are full of healthy components such as antioxidants, betulinic acid, and melanin. The mushrooms begin their growth in scarred or damaged birch trees. They grow within the tree itself for many

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Find the Many Benefits of Raw Chaga for Your Health

Chaga comes in many forms. Initially, they appear in chunks, often called conks. The conks protrude from from birch trees. These charcoal colored conks don’t look very appetizing, but the variety of preparations can put this beneficial mushroom to work in several delicious ways. Raw Chaga in The Forest Should you come across some Chaga of your

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Why It’s Beneficial To Drink Tea In The Evening

Drinking tea in the evenings is a habit used by many to relax and calm down before going to sleep. It can be a great habit for excellent sleep when done correctly. There are ways to drink tea before going to bed that will keep you up all night and other ways that will help you

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What Is Organic Chaga?

So many ingredients in the things we use in our everyday lives involve traditional framing practices. These practices often include pesticides and herbicides, which are harsh chemicals. These chemicals have allowed farmers to grow large amounts of crops quickly and efficiently. However, it is becoming more and more apparent that these harsh chemicals are taking their

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A Short History of Folk Medicine

Folk medicine refers to medicine of the people. It is a collection of natural remedies that have been developed by a variety of cultures throughout time. These remedies are handed down through generations. They address a variety of ailments from upset stomachs to wound care, and even improving sleep. Each region throughout the world claims

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How To Best Experience Chaga Mushroom Benefits

Do you enjoy a cup of warm tea during your day? Do like a rich chai latte or a cool refreshing smoothie? You can take these habits that you already love and turn them into a habit that helps you feel healthy and well using Chaga mushrooms. Chaga Mushroom Benefits Chaga mushrooms are a mycelium

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History of Siberian Food

Siberia is a vast region that includes a land mass larger than the United States. Siberia can be difficult to define because different groups of people draw different boundaries. This significant region is home to numerous people groups that trace their history back for centuries. These people groups include those that live above the arctic

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