The Best Teas To Drink Before Bed

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A routine before bedtime can help you fall asleep faster and have better quality sleep throughout the night. Many people choose to drink a cup of tea as part of their nightly routine. Tea can help calm and relax you, as long as you choose the right ones. Avoid black or green tea. Even decaf versions of these teas contain a small amount of caffeine that may keep you up at night. Instead, choose herbal teas. These teas contain no caffeine and can have a calming effect. Here are some of the best teas for drifting off to sleep.


Peppermint tea is simply made from dried peppermint leaves and is entirely caffeine free. You can even make your own by pouring hot water over crushed mint leaves from your garden. Peppermint is known for relaxing muscles. In addition to helping you sleep, it can relieve tension headaches and stomach pain. If you need to let go of some tension, peppermint tea is an ideal choice.


Chamomile has long been touted as a sleep aid. Natural Living Ideas points out that scientists believe a particular flavonoid in chamomile actually causes a chemical reaction in the brain that helps the nervous system to calm down. While there are few clinical trials to prove that Chamomile works as a sleep aid, popular consensus seems to conclude that this is an effective tea for inducing quality sleep.


Chaga tea is brewed with chunks of mycelium harvested from birch tress. It is entirely caffeine free. The warm earthy flavor slightly resembles coffee. So, if you enjoy a cup of coffee with dessert, Chaga is an excellent alternative that won’t disrupt your sleep. Chaga is known for health benefits including calming upset stomachs. A soothed stomach can help you fall asleep easier and have less interruptions during sleep. Chaga is also full of helpful antioxidants and betulinic acid. In addition to helping you drift off to sleep, Chaga may help you feel healthier.


Valerian is a plant that is often used in herbal teas with a combination of other herbs to induce sleep. It is known to be rather powerful and have a slightly bitter taste. The Mayo Clinic indicates that Valerian can have interactions with other medications, so it is best to consult your doctor if you plan to make valerian a regular part of your routine.

Your Bedtime Routine

Remember to start your bedtime tea ritual at least a half an hour before falling asleep and try to consume only one cup of tea. You don’t want your body waking you up to use the bathroom.

There are many other herbs and combinations of herbs that can be used to brew delicious tea. Try a few different teas to find the perfect combination of flavor and relaxation. Remember as you prepare your evening cup of tea, a big portion of the sleep inducing benefits comes from the ritual and routine of tea preparation and consumption. The time taken to slow down and enjoy a warm beverage will go a long way toward helping you wind down in the evening.

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