How To Best Experience Chaga Mushroom Benefits

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Do you enjoy a cup of warm tea during your day? Do like a rich chai latte or a cool refreshing smoothie? You can take these habits that you already love and turn them into a habit that helps you feel healthy and well using Chaga mushrooms.

Chaga Mushroom Benefits

Chaga mushrooms are a mycelium that grow on birch trees. They don’t look like much, but Chaga mushroom benefits are practically endless. Packed into these charred looking conks are healthy components that have been extracted from their birch tree hosts. These components include betulinic acid, antioxidants, and melanin. These components work together to keep you feeling healthy and well.

Harvesting Chaga

The conks are carefully broken off the birch tree in order to avoid damaging the tree. The conk will grow back in a few years if both the mycelium and the tree remain healthy. The hard conk is then broken into chunks, exposing a slightly spongier burnt orange looking inside. From there, Chaga can be prepared in a variety of ways.

Chaga Preparation

Many people chose to steep the chunks and make a thick concentrate that can be stored for 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator. The tea can then be warmed or added to hot or cold drinks. The chunks can also be ground to make a powder. Often, Chaga users like to steep the powder to make individual cups of tea, steeping the powder in a tea bag or tea ball. Chaga extract is also a great way to harness all the healthy power of Chaga mushrooms. It can be used similarly to Chaga powder, but packs an extra punch!

Chaga has an earthy, slightly vanilla flavor that many people enjoy on their own. Coffee drinkers typically find Chaga an excellent, caffeine-free replacement for their daily habit. However, if you don’t like the earthy flavor, you can doctor it up a bit with honey, spices, and almond milk for a much richer drink.

When to Use Chaga

Chaga can be consumed at any time of day because it is totally caffeine-free. However, Chaga is also known for boosting energy and providing mental clarity. For this reason, many people choose to drink Chaga tea in the morning and in the afternoon for a gentle mental lift.

Because Chaga impacts your immune system, Chaga Natural suggests taking a seven day break from Chaga every 28-30 days. This week long break will help your immune system reset so that Chaga can help it function optimally.

A Simple Cup of Tea

Your daily health regimen doesn’t have to include mountains of pills and supplements. You can get health benefits from the simple and stress relieving act of brewing a cup of tea or blending a smoothy. Enjoy the earthy flavors of Chaga that will transport you to the birch forests it came from and enjoy all of the healthy benefits of this nutrient packed drink.


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