6 Things You Can Add To Chaga Tea

Author: admin

Chaga is a mushroom the grows on birch trees. It is well known for its healthy benefits. Chaga is often enjoyed brewed as a simple tea. However, Chaga tea has a touch of bitterness to it that not everyone has a taste for. You don’t have to miss out on the healthy benefits of Chaga just because you don’t care for the taste of Chaga tea. There are plenty of ways to touch up Chaga tea so that you enjoy drinking it.

1) Honey

If you like your drinks a bit sweeter and want to take the bitter edge off of the tea, add a spoonful of honey. Honey can mask the earthy flavor and give you a slightly sweet drink without overpowering the tea, the way sugar would. If you don’t care for honey, try another natural sweetener, such as stevia or maple syrup.

2) Almond Milk

Almond milk can bring a richness to Chaga tea. The nutty milk complements the earthy flavors of the tea. When you want a heartier, thicker drink stir in some almond milk.

3) Vanilla

Vanillin is one of the compounds found in Chaga mushrooms. People claim that this compound gives the tea a slightly vanilla flavor. If you enjoy vanilla, you can add a bit of real vanilla extract to help draw out the natural vanilla flavors in Chaga tea.

4) Cinnamon

You can make an excellent, spicy chai style latte with Chaga tea. Adding some cinnamon sticks while you brew the tea will infuse the tea with a strong cinnamon flavor. For a lighter flavor, simply add a shake of ground cinnamon to the top of your brewed tea. You can add other spices you enjoy such as cardamom, cloves, or nutmeg. Blend the spices with Chaga tea and some almond milk in the blender to create a frothy, Chaga tea latte.

5) Ice 

On a hot day it can be hard to enjoy a hot drink. Chaga tea makes an excellent iced drink also. Simply brew the hot tea, add your favorite flavors and then chill it over a large cup of ice. To make a stronger drink, without all the melting ice, brew a Chaga concentrate and keep it in the fridge. When you are ready to drink it, just add a little cold water to taste.  

6) Cocoa Powder

University Health News points to studies that have found chocolate is good for memory and mood. So, adding a bit to your Chaga tea can only boost its performance. If you are more of a hot cocoa person than a coffee person, try adding a few small spoonfuls of cocoa powder to your drink. Or, you can melt some dark chocolate bits into the tea.

A Decadent Drink

Chaga is delicious on its own, or with additional ingredients. Brew a Chaga concentrate with Chaga chunks to keep on hand, or brew individual cups of tea with powder. Then, add your favorite flavors to create a decadent drink you can’t wait to enjoy. Make your healthy habit impossible to resist with delicious Chaga tea combinations.