3 Ways You Can Use Chaga Powder

Chaga powder is ground from chunks of Chaga procured from birch trees. Chaga is a mushroom that grows only on wounded birch trees. It contains many compounds that it extracts from the birch trees including antioxidants, betulinic acid, and melanin. All of these compounds work together to provide amazing healthy benefits for your body. Here are 3 ways to use Chaga powder so that you can enjoy those benefits.

1) Tea

The simplest way to use Chaga powder is to make tea. Place three tablespoons of powder into a teabag, tea ball, or diffuser, and steep in boiling or near boiling water. You can reuse the steeped powder at least one time. The brew usually has a mild earthy flavor with a hint of vanilla. You may want to add almond milk or honey for a slightly sweeter flavor.

2) Chai Tea

Chaga tea makes an excellent Chai style tea. While you are steeping the powder add, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and any other spices you enjoy to the brew. Once you are done brewing the tea to your tastes, strain out the spices and discard the powder. You may want to brew the tea slightly stronger than when you are making a traditional cup of plain tea. Then in a double boiler warm milk or almond milk to just before boiling. When the milk is warm place it in your french press and use the plunger to froth the milk. If you do not have a french press, you can whip the milk to a forth with a wisk. In a cup, pour the frothed milk over the desired amount of tea. This Chaga Chai Latte is the perfect thick and spicy drink for cool autumn days.

3) Chaga Powder Smoothie

A smoothie is the perfect alternative to a hot drink on a warm sunny day. The recipe comes from The Elephant Journal. Prepare the Chaga powder for tea as listed above. You can keep this tea in an air tight container in the fridge for a few days. In your blender combine 1 cup of cold Chaga tea, ½ of a frozen banana, 1 cup of berries, and 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder. Blend and add more Chaga tea or ice cubes until the smoothie is your desired consistency. You can tweak this recipe to your tastes including spices such as cinnamon, honey for sweetening, or even a touch of vanilla for added flavor.

Chaga Powder

Using Chaga powder instead of chunks allows more surface area for the Chaga to be exposed when steeping. This can create a richer, smoother taste, and extract more of the healthy compounds that Chaga is so famous for. Chaga tea can be a relaxing and beneficial part of your daily routine. However, you don’t always have to drink it as tea. Try it in smoothies, blended ice drinks, and warm spiced lattes. Experiment to find a way that you love using Chaga Powder.

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